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Gold Rush City:
San Francisco in the California Gold Rush

An engraving, entitled High And Dry, from a memoir of the gold rush,
Mountains and Molehills, or Recollections of a Burnt Journal,
with Illustrations by the author - Frank Marryat, 1855.

(The book is no longer in print. Here's where I found my copy.)
Alert! Excerpts from Mountains and Molehills, including
more of Marryatt's drawings are now available online.

• Gold Rush Links: these pages celebrate the age that changed California - in less than the span of a lifetime - from an agrarian backwater into the economic engine of the American West. • Before the Gold Rush: the story of one Californio family  the Bernals of San Francisco. They came with DeAnza in 1776, married well, acquired land - and then came the Anglo incursion.
• A gold rush bibliography: in alphabetical order. • A gold rush bibliography: by source.

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